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Gunman targets berry farm cafe

10th February 2017

by Alison McCulloch

Horticulture Conference 2017

3rd March 2017


Annual Report 2017

11th September 2017

Horticulture New Zealand annual report 2017

Horticulture Conference 2018

3rd March 2017

The horticulture story underpins everything we as an industry do. We need to tell urban New Zealand, politicians, and other decision-makers about our story. And horticulture has a fantastic story to tell.

Join the Bug Man's hunt for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

27th February 2017

The Ministry for Primary Industries have enlisted Ruud Kleinpaste, the 'Bug Man', to raise awareness about the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug.

Submission on Pea seed IHS changes

21st March 2017, Biosecurity

Myrtle Rust Information

10th May 2017, Biosecurity

Information and resources surrounding myrtle rust.

Myrtle rust is a fungal disease that affects plants in the myrtle family, including mānuka, and can also have negative effects on feijoa. It has recently been found in Kerikeri in Northland. 

HortNZ Leadership Programme 2019

21st March 2017, People

Are you a potential leader in the hort industry?  And want to upskill?  You could be going on this year’s HortNZ Leadership Programme.

Employment law workshop: supplementary information

19th September 2017, Grower Support

Supplementary information following the Employment Law Workshop held in Cambridge on 8 September 2017, relating to paid rest breaks and piece rates, zero-hours contracts, and payment of public/statutory holidays for casual staff.

Rules of Growers Relief Fund Incorporated

29th November 2017, Grower Support

Brown marmorated stink bug and fruit fly – top biosecurity threats

10th January 2017

At this time of year, our top biosecurity threats are the brown marmorated stink bug and fruit fly; this is when they are most likely to arrive in New Zealand and attempt to take up residence.

The best career – skill development for horticulture

16th January 2017

As the Christmas holidays draw to a close, many of us start thinking about our careers or, if you’re just out of college, what your career may be. Gone are the days when, following the end of schooling, one settled into the same career for life. 

What comes after the Trans Pacific Partnership?

24th January 2017

United States President Donald Trump has formally withdrawn the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). So, what now?

Houses or food, Mr Seymour?

26th January 2017

In a speech given on 23 January in Auckland, ACT Leader and MP for Epsom David Seymour stated:

Move over dairy, horticulture is advancing

3rd February 2017

Horticulture is expanding and growing through exports. Today, 60% of what we grow in New Zealand is exported. Data shows that horticulture exports increased by 40% from June 2014 to 2016; this rapid growth shows no signs of slowing down, and horticulture will continue to play a valuable role in the New...

RSE scheme is not migration – it adds to New Zealand’s wealth

8th February 2017

There is a commonly held misapprehension that the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme with the Pacific Islands is a form of migration; it is not. The workers come to New Zealand for, on average, about six months, and then they return home. They do not migrate to New Zealand. But what they do...

Horticulture New Zealand’s collective voice vital

10th February 2017

Whether showing rapid growth, or facing challenges, it is vital to have a pan-industry representative voice for horticulture growers. I’ve now been at HortNZ for one year, and during that time my belief in a pan-industry group has been fortified. There are three good reasons for this.

Healthy food for healthy minds

20th February 2017

A recent study has shown that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in young adults can increase mental health, including increased motivation and vitality.

It’s what’s inside that counts

22nd February 2017

When you buy fruit and vegetables, the way it looks will probably influence your selection; good-looking fruit and vegetables sell for premium prices. But often, even if fruit and vegetables don't look great on the outside, they are just as tasty and nutritious as their better looking cousins.

Horticulture and drugs do not mix

28th February 2017


Getting Kiwis into work

1st March 2017

Horticulture is working hard to get New Zealanders who have not been in work for some time, or who have just left school, into permanent work. There are many opportunities in horticulture and, with the industry growing as fast as it is, there are great careers on offer. One of the best...

Public enemy number one: the Brown marmorated stink bug

7th March 2017

This is the time of year that the brown marmorated stink bug is hitchhiking to New Zealand in luggage, packages, containers, machinery, vehicles, medical equipment, protein powder, roof tiles, and furniture. Even Barbie dolls aren't safe; you name it, it hitchhikes in it. 

County of Origin Labelling – voluntary does not work

10th March 2017

One of the reasons given for there being no need for mandatory country of origin labelling is that there is voluntary compliance and therefore, it is not needed.  We will convince those who hold this view that voluntary does not work.

Zespri celebrates 20 years

13th March 2017

Twenty years ago, the kiwifruit industry had the foresight to develop what has become a world-leading, iconic brand that is recognised by consumers in Zespri’s key offshore markets. That’s an incredible achievement for a New Zealand grower-owned company. 

Risks in 2017 for primary sector exports

20th March 2017

Many commentators are predicting a tough year for our primary sector exports, and even a decline in returns. This is an easy prediction to make, considering the global repercussions of Brexit and President Trump's policies.

Government’s new trade strategy helps horticulture

27th March 2017

Last Friday, the Government released its new trade strategy, Trade Agenda 2030.  This is a comprehensive and thoughtful strategy that will enable horticulture growth through its focus on:

Getting ready for biosecurity incursions – we need all New Zealanders

31st March 2017

Everyone in New Zealand has a key role to play finding and reporting unwanted pests that can wreak havoc on our lifestyles and our economy.  Number one public enemy today is the brown marmorated stink bug.  If you see one, the poster below explains what to do.

Growing the export value of our food

4th April 2017

This week, Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy addressed the Te Hono Summit (a one-day event aimed at sharing ideas and driving growth in the primary sector) with the question, how can New Zealand double our export value by 2025?

Mandatory Country of Origin Labelling – time to talk to your Member of Parliament

10th April 2017

This week, we have the first opportunity to get in place mandatory Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL).

Country of Origin Labelling gets over first hurdle

18th April 2017

Country of origin labelling has started the journey to become law. Last week, Parliament voted for the Green Party’s Consumers’ Right to Know (Country of Origin of Food) Bill to be referred to the primary production select committee.

The price of vegetables

26th April 2017

Wet and wild weather inevitably brings enquires about whether or not the price of vegetables will increase in New Zealand.  But the real determinant of the price of vegetables is how much demand there is, and can the supply keep up.

Pacific Trade Deal

1st May 2017

Largely unnoticed last week was the announcement of the Pacific Trade Deal designed to cut down trade barriers covering goods and services as well as reduce tariffs, boost tourism, and raise living standards in the 12 Pacific Island Nations are part of the deal with Australia and New Zealand.

Investment in horticulture – development of Maori land

5th May 2017

It's no secret that horticulture is experiencing growth largely through exports; 60% of our fresh fruit and vegetables are exported and horticultural exports have grown 40% in the two years since June 2014.

The real price of vegetables

15th May 2017

Extremely wet conditions have made it very difficult to grow vegetables in the past few weeks, especially leafy greens. Gardens are under water, plants have been destroyed by the constant rain and, until it stops raining, the plants will not be able to grow. It is also difficult to harvest root...

Country of Origin Labelling

22nd May 2017


Getting support for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

26th May 2017

An 11 nation TPP is looking like more of a possibility every day. The United States has said that it will not be party to the TPP, but other countries have indicated they want to press on with reaching an agreement.

Plant vegetables not houses on prime growing land

2nd June 2017

As better weather means the supply of vegetables is improving, consumers will be noticing prices are returning to what can be expected for this time of year. The best buys are of course, seasonal vegetables. Leafy greens, being predominantly summer vegetables, will remain in shorter supply and that will keep the price...

UK election's impact on trade

12th June 2017


Erin Atkinson crowned BOP Young Grower of the Year

16th February 2017

Erin Atkinson, 29, Technical Advisor for Apata Group Limited in Te Puke, has been crowned Bay of Plenty’s Young Fruit Grower for 2017 at last night’s special gala dinner in Tauranga.

Robots are horticulture's future

19th June 2017

Robots are making a difference in fruit and vegetable pack houses already, as seen in the above picture. This trend will continue.

Horticulture welcomes clean water plans

23rd February 2017

Horticulture New Zealand welcomes today’s Clean Water launch by the Government, says chief executive Mike Chapman.

Waikato Regional Council stonewalls on plan change action

27th February 2017

Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman says he is disappointed by the Waikato Regional Council’s (WRC) delay tactics around a judicial review by six organisations over plans for the Healthy River Plan Change.

The New Eating Trends

26th June 2017

The2017 KPMG Agribusiness Agenda: The Recipe for Action, released recently, draws the conclusion that, as lifestyle accelerates, consumers are actively seeking out ways to find products that fit into their lifestyles.

Tairāwhiti labour force funding good news for horticulture

1st March 2017

Funding of $1.8 million, announced yesterday by the Government to grow the skills and capability of Tairāwhiti’s regional labour force, is good news for horticulture, says Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman.

Trade is the life force of New Zealand

29th June 2017

The Minister and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade are currently holding public meetings around New Zealand, explaining our trade agenda through the Government’s recently released Trade Agenda 2030: securing our place in the world. This is a great initiative, designed to explain to New Zealanders the importance of trade, and...

Opportunities abound in horticulture

3rd July 2017

Horticulture is "on a bit of a roll" Prime Minister Bill English said last week, “with the kiwifruit and apple industries leading the charge and creating a bit of excitement for New Zealand's economy”. This is substantiated in two reports released last week.

Horticulture Conference next week – registration still open

4th July 2017

Once again, there is an excellent offering at the Horticulture Conference, giving both fruit and vegetable growers excellent networking opportunities, new ideas, and inspiring concepts for the future. Issues that concern growers most and our key priorities are covered; the Conference looks at biosecurity and the latest developments, with an up-to-date...

New Zealanders get closer to being CoOL

12th April 2017

Horticulture New Zealand congratulates the Government on listening to the people and passing the first reading of the Consumers’ Right to Know (Country of Origin of Food) Bill in Parliament today.

RSE scheme celebrates 10 years

5th July 2017

I remember when there was no Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme and the severe problems horticulture had getting labour at harvest time. It was not easy to find workers who would turn up each day and who wanted to progressively develop their skills. So as an industry – apples, kiwifruit, other horticulture...

US food guru to speak at horticulture conference

1st May 2017

American food and agribusiness guru Roland Fumasi has today been announced as one of the keynote speakers for the Horticulture Conference 2017, on 14 July in Tauranga.

Government leaders gather to discuss RSE scheme

10th July 2017

Last week, New Zealand Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) employers, Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga, and key Ministers and government officials from both New Zealand and the Pacific countries providing RSE workers to New Zealand, joined together at a conference on the RSE scheme’s 10th birthday. The consensus was that the RSE...

Horticulture New Zealand AGM

11th July 2017

The Horticulture New Zealand AGM will cover the previous year’s achievement, report on the financial position and present the current campaigns that HortNZ is leading. The full report on the previous year can be found here. 

Irrigation investment first step towards food security

18th May 2017

Horticulture New Zealand welcomes the Government’s planned increase in grant funding and capital investment towards irrigation and water infrastructure in Budget 2017.

Sustainable horticulture: healthy food for all forever

17th July 2017

One of the themes at last week’s Horticulture Conference was sustainability. To illustrate this, a mini documentary video was produced and released; you can view the video below.

Momentum building for mandatory CoOL

25th May 2017

Engagement with the New Zealand public is clearly showing their desire to have mandatory Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) Horticulture New Zealand told the Primary Production Select Committee at Parliament today.

The Future of Trade

21st July 2017

At the recent Horticulture Conference in Tauranga, Dr Roland Fumasi –vice president, senior analyst and manager for Rabobank’s RaboResearch’s Food and Agribusiness group – gave an insightful presentation into where New Zealand will be trading in the future. 

Waimate grower crowned Central Otago’s young fruit grower

29th May 2017

Ben Geaney from Waimate has emerged victorious against three other entrants to be named Central Otago’s Young Fruit Grower for 2017.

Workplace safety vital

27th July 2017

The fact that consumers expect 100% perfection from their food producers was a growing trend discussed at the recent Horticulture Conference. Delegates were also told that consumers expect total transparency, so that they can confirm that perfection. Achieving these two market requirements will result in premium pricing and high volume sales for...

Creating a life outside the wire in horticulture

20th June 2017

Horticulture New Zealand national seasonal labour coordinator Jerf van Beek today told a breakfast function in Wellington, hosted by Corrections Minister Louise Upston and the Corrections Department, about the rewards of helping former offenders into permanent work.

Immigration for sustainable growth if no Kiwis available

28th July 2017

There is a straightforward formula for growing premium fruit and vegetables: suitable land + adequate water + skilled and reliable labour + the right cultivars = top-notch produce. There are more, but if one of those key ingredients is missing then growing food that attracts a premium is difficult.

Young Growers prepare for Nelson competition

27th June 2017

Six of Nelson’s best young fruit growers are preparing to compete in next week’s regional young fruit grower competition.

Horticulture has a great story to tell

3rd August 2017

Horticulture has a fantastic story to tell. It is one about growth, a significant contribution to New Zealand’s financial well-being, environmental sustainability, safe and healthy food, the increasing value of our exports, and an industry with many and varied career opportunities. The vital contribution that horticulture is and will increasingly continue making...

Horticulture ripe for investment

30th June 2017

World-wide consumer interest in healthy food, growers being early-adopters of innovation, and rapid growth make horticulture in New Zealand ripe for further investment, says Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman.

Taxing water an issue for us all

10th August 2017

NZ First want a bottled water tax, and Labour want to tax primary producers as well as water bottlers. Labour’s stated aim is to clean up our water ways. But there are no details about how, with the policy to be worked out in the first 100 days if they are elected...

Jordan James named 2017 HB Young Fruitgrower of the Year

3rd July 2017

The Hawke’s Bay Fruitgrowers’ Association is thrilled to announce that Jordan James is the 2017 winner of the Hawke’s Bay Young Fruitgrower of the Year competition.

Primary sector diversity is the way to go

14th August 2017

One of the themes to come out of the Agri-Summit Conference in Napier last week was diversity. For the continued prosperity of the primary sector, and New Zealand’s entire economy, mixed land uses will need to be adopted in coming years; this was one of the propositions put forward.

Budding Tasman orchardist crowned Nelson’s young fruit grower

10th July 2017

Ralph Bastian from Appleby has emerged victorious against five other entrants to be named Nelson’s Young Fruit Grower for 2017.

Understanding Labour’s proposed water tax

21st August 2017

Farmers and growers need reliable water supply to feed New Zealand and grow our exports. To achieve that, farmers and growers need certain and reliable water policy. Labour announcing that it will impose a water tax, but work out the details later, causes uncertainty. 

Horticulture growers to vote on levy reduction

11th July 2017

A levy reduction for commercial fruit and vegetable growers will be voted on at tomorrow’s Horticulture New Zealand Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Tauranga, says Horticulture New Zealand President Julian Raine.

Trade transcends the election

28th August 2017

Growth in horticulture, and the entire primary sector, is dependent on good trade access to countries that can afford to pay for our premium food.  Reducing tariffs certainly assists with the flow of export earnings back to New Zealand, but the real issue is what is called non-tariff barriers. Whether or...

Costs upon costs - taxes and penalties

6th September 2017

The old saying goes that the only things in life that are certain are death and taxes. In the modern horticulture industry, you could say that the only certain things would be death, taxes, and health and safety penalties.

Horticulture health and safety toolkit launched

25th July 2017

Horticulture New Zealand has teamed up with WorkSafe New Zealand to create a health and safety toolkit specifically designed for horticulture businesses.

Tax has woken the sleeping giant

14th September 2017

Political talk of new taxes, particularly a water tax, has stirred the primary sector. Growers and farmers across New Zealand are uniting over concerns about proposed new taxes. Let’s be clear, irrigation is vital for the vast majority of our commercially grown fruit and vegetables. 

Horticulture magazine wins international award

27th July 2017

Horticulture New Zealand’s magazine for commercial vegetable growers, NZ Grower, has won an international award for its front cover illustration.

Food security; from paddock to plate

18th September 2017

It is good to see mainstream media asking the government to look at food security. In the New Zealand Herald yesterday, Business Editor at Large Liam Dann penned an excellent piece: Why aren’t food prices an election issue?

Young Grower of the Year decided next week

7th August 2017

The winner of the New Zealand Young Vegetable Grower and four regional Young Fruit Grower winners will compete next week for the national title Young Grower of the Year 2017.

Disrupt or be disrupted

25th September 2017

Change is rapidly coming to the primary sector. Our traditional approaches to farming and growing are going to change radically change in the next decade, in the form of changing eating habits, technological advances, and the robotic revolution. The by-line coming from the leaders and thought creators, for horticulture in particular, is...

Horticulture election manifesto asks for land and water protection

8th August 2017

Horticulture New Zealand has launched its 2017 Election Manifesto with five key priorities for the new Government, to be elected on 23 September.

Fortune favours the bold; innovators will flourish

28th September 2017

New Zealand has recently topped a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit in London, which measured the extent to which young people in 35 countries learn six key skills. We came out ahead thanks to our university-industry collaboration, a curriculum that takes skills for the future into account, and an...

Horticulture welcomes funding for water protection project

8th August 2017

Government funding for a nationwide project to better protect waterways, by measuring and managing nitrogen on cropping farms, has been welcomed by Horticulture New Zealand.

Instagram will tell the horticulture story

2nd October 2017

New Zealand’s fruit and vegetable growers have a great story to tell. Many run inter-generational family businesses, where three or four generations of the same family have been caring for the land. They understand environmental sustainability, from years of record keeping and experience, and are early adopters of innovation; New...

Horticulture says “let’s not do this”

9th August 2017

Reacting to today’s statement from Labour on freshwater, and in the absence of any detailed policy to go with that, Horticulture New Zealand says “let’s not do this”.

Block chain; proving provenance

9th October 2017

How do you know that the product you are purchasing in a supermarket is what it says it is?

Biosecurity should be top priority for new Government

13th October 2017

A biosecurity incursion can (and has) bring parts of the primary sector to a complete standstill; Psa did this to kiwifruit not too long ago. 

Horticulture New Zealand responds to scaremongering claims

14th August 2017

Reacting to claims yesterday from Labour’s water tax spokesperson David Parker that its level of “scaremongering around this would make Donald Trump blush”, Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman says this is a disappointing way to start a policy discussion about water and land use.

Free trade vital to New Zealand economy

20th October 2017

New Zealand is a trading nation. We rely on export earnings from free trade for our financial prosperity. But free trade is a two way street – the countries involved open up their borders to allow free movement of goods and services on an equal basis. This includes property ownership. 

Bay of Plenty woman wins Young Grower of the Year

18th August 2017

The future of our $5.6 billion horticultural industry is in excellent hands as shown by the talent of this year’s Young Grower of the Year: Erin Atkinson of Te Puke. 

Growing Kiwi Labour

27th October 2017


The importance of infrastructure

1st November 2017

Here in New Zealand, we grow some of the highest-quality produce in the world. But, if you can’t get it to the consumer, what’s the point in growing it?

Science and technology the answer to water quality

11th September 2017

Using science and technology to inform sustainable farming practices and reduce adverse environmental impacts will have better outcomes than taxes will, Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman says.

New Zealand needs its vegetables

8th November 2017

Last week, Horticulture New Zealand released a report on New Zealand’s domestic vegetable production, New Zealand domestic vegetable production: the growing story. One part of the report covers human health, with some of the health statistics simply frightening:

Wild spring weather will affect vegetable supply

13th September 2017

Rain, hail and colder than normal weather will affect the supply of spring vegetables, Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman says.

Research should remain at forefront of ministry re-structure

14th November 2017

The Government is set to restructure the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), creating separate Ministries of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry, with horticulture coming under the umbrella of Agriculture. Biosecurity and Food Safety are also tagged as separate portfolios.

Water tax still on the table, but detail still missing

14th September 2017

While Labour has released some more detail about its tax plans today, water tax remains on the table to be introduced in its first term in Government and critical detail around that remains missing, Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman says.

Let the soil do the talking

22nd November 2017

In the Auckland City environs, there is a lot of land south of the city classified as class 1. The rich volcanic soils of Pukekohe, Tuakau, and Pukekawa are not seen elsewhere in New Zealand, and are ideally suited to growing vegetables.

Growers of New Zealand goes live on Instagram

27th September 2017

Global interest in the story behind healthy, fresh food has inspired Horticulture New Zealand to start an Instagram page where people can better get to know the fruit and vegetable growers of New Zealand, Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman says.

Innovate or lose competitive advantage

1st December 2017

New Zealand’s horticulture industry gets top dollars for its produce overseas. There are a number of reasons for this. One of the most important is that we deliver what the consumer wants and therefore, what the consumer will pay for. Equally important is that we are market leaders with our new varieties of...

Meet Generation Z

8th December 2017

The oldest members of Generation Z are leaving high school and going on to further training, or joining the workforce. The purchasing habits of these Post-Millennials are not the same as previous generations and, with about one-quarter of New Zealand’s population being Gen Z, changes will need to be made to...

Perfect storm brewing for fruit and vegetable supply

2nd November 2017

A perfect storm is brewing for New Zealand’s supply of healthy fresh fruit and vegetables that could see us unable to feed our growing population with domestically grown produce, a report from Horticulture New Zealand says.

How big is that urban / rural divide?

15th December 2017

With the recent debates about water, the question of how big the urban / rural divide is - and how we can close the gap- has been something those of us concerned with growing food have been mulling over.

Where are your trees, Auckland?

19th December 2017

The 23 December 2017 Listener reports that, in the last five years, Aucklanders have chopped down a third of their trees, and that 90% of what is left is at risk of also being cut down.