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More workers needed for harvest – NZIER report

12th October 2016

Horticulture and viticulture are, together, New Zealand's fourth largest export industry.  

Horticulture New Zealand’s collective voice vital

10th February 2017

Whether showing rapid growth, or facing challenges, it is vital to have a pan-industry representative voice for horticulture growers. I’ve now been at HortNZ for one year, and during that time my belief in a pan-industry group has been fortified. There are three good reasons for this.

Opportunities abound in horticulture

3rd July 2017

Horticulture is "on a bit of a roll" Prime Minister Bill English said last week, “with the kiwifruit and apple industries leading the charge and creating a bit of excitement for New Zealand's economy”. This is substantiated in two reports released last week.

Horticulture Conference next week – registration still open

4th July 2017

Once again, there is an excellent offering at the Horticulture Conference, giving both fruit and vegetable growers excellent networking opportunities, new ideas, and inspiring concepts for the future. Issues that concern growers most and our key priorities are covered; the Conference looks at biosecurity and the latest developments, with an up-to-date...

Horticulture ripe for investment

30th June 2017

World-wide consumer interest in healthy food, growers being early-adopters of innovation, and rapid growth make horticulture in New Zealand ripe for further investment, says Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman.

Disrupt or be disrupted

25th September 2017

Change is rapidly coming to the primary sector. Our traditional approaches to farming and growing are going to change radically change in the next decade, in the form of changing eating habits, technological advances, and the robotic revolution. The by-line coming from the leaders and thought creators, for horticulture in particular, is...

The long arm of competition law

8th January 2018

Yes, there is a branch of law called competition law. Simply put, its aim is to make sure consumers get the best price, by making sure companies compete with each other in the fullest possible way. It applies not only to companies, but to the key decision makers in the companies...