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Strategic Response to Sustainable Water Programme of Action

17th March 2015, Natural Resources

This report details the Strategic Response of Horticulture New Zealand (HortNZ) describing those parts of its activities that will contribute to the Objectives of the Sustainable Water Programme of Action (SWPoA).  The intent is that this report becomes one of a ‘package of strategies’ from the individual sectors through the...

Sustainable horticulture: healthy food for all forever

17th July 2017

One of the themes at last week’s Horticulture Conference was sustainability. To illustrate this, a mini documentary video was produced and released; you can view the video below.

Where are your trees, Auckland?

19th December 2017

The 23 December 2017 Listener reports that, in the last five years, Aucklanders have chopped down a third of their trees, and that 90% of what is left is at risk of also being cut down.