Vegetable Washwater Discharge Code of Practice - Regional Requirements

 An appendix to HortNZ's Vegetable Washwater Discharge Code of Practice - Regional requirements for Permitted Activity Rules and Storage. 

Guidance to Assist the Development of Seasonal Workers Accommodation

This document is intended as a general guide to assist the design and construction of seasonal workers
accommodation in the context of horticultural activities.

Vegetable Washwater – Literature and Council Policy Review

This literature review forms part of a HortNZ project into vegetable washwater – review, grower guidance and council consent conditions. See also HortNZ Vegetable Washwater Discharge Code of Practice and regional guidance. 

Vegetable Washwater Discharge Code of Practice

This Code of Practice contains a checklist, decision tree, and reference values is a self-audit to assist you in determining if your discharge of vegetable washwater meets Good Practice. Regional Requirements have been developed for Auckland and Southland (please see separate document). 

Soil and Drainage Management Guide

Soil and Drainage Management Guide: Franklin Sustainability Project.

Staying Safe Around Power Lines

A fact sheet put together by Transpower with assistance from HortNZ and feedback from product groups on safety around power lines. For more information please call 0508 LANDOWNER.

Code of Practice for Nutrient Management

This Code of Practice is designed for growers to understand and implement good and best management practices for nutrient management, particularly nitrogen, and to assist where resource consent is required from Regional Council.

Erosion & Sediment Control Guidelines for Vegetable Production

The Guideline aims to provide information to growers on a range of possible control measures and options to assist in achieving sustainable land management.

A Guide to Managing Nutrient Discharges

The purpose of ‘A Growers’ Guide to Managing Greenhouse Nutrient Discharges’ is to assist growers with the practical, sustainable and legal management of discharging greenhouse nutrient solution.