HortNZ Nutrient Allocation Principles

Principles that have been developed by the HortNZ Board to guide the organisation's input into the development of a policy for the allocation of nutrients to productive land. 

HortNZ Fresh Water Policy

Horticulture New Zealand’s policy position on fresh water. Outlining Horticulture New Zealand's position on fresh water quantity and quality. It covers the position on water as a resource that needs management, storage, and consent.

Managing our Resources - Water Pressures in Pukekohe

Watch HortNZ's Chris Keenan outline the pressure on water facing the horticulture industry in Pukekohe.

Managing our Resources - Why Pukekohe is important

With the help of a pen and a whiteboard, Horticulture New Zealand's Chris Keenan breaks down what makes Pukekohe so important to our industry.

Managing our Resources - Pressures on Pukekohe

Watch HortNZ's Chris Keenan outline the key pressures on the horticulture industry in Pukekohe.

Natural Resources & Environment Consultation Document

The Natural Resources & Environment consultation document was presented at the Horticulture Industry Forum on August 13th.

 We welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions on this proposal.

 Please direct these to Eve.Williams@hortnz.co.nz by Friday November 13th for collation. We will then present the finalised document at the next Horticulture Industry Forum on December 3rd. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Keenan, Chris.Keenan@hortnz.co.nz

Growers Get Involved - Fresh Water Management Video

Water management in New Zealand is changing. Growers need to get involved. Help HortNZ show how essential horticulture is to the country in council planning changes by finding out what's happening in your region.

Click to watch video.

Memorandum of Understanding Between Transpower and Horticulture New Zealand

A recognition of the critical importance of New Zealand’s security of electricity supply, and of the production of food and the role of horticulture to the economic and social wellbeing of New Zealand.

Memo regarding finish of the Land and Water Forum Process reflecting HortNZ involvement

The discussion on iwi rights and interests infuses each report. It also informs recommendations on managing quality, allocation and production of a freshwater management strategy in New Zealand.

Primary Sector Water Partnership Leadership Document

A collective action plan that builds on the individual environmental management programmes of the various partners. The goals are to maintain/enhance water quality, resolve water quality issues, and improve water use efficiency by the primary sector within five years.