ECan Variation 3 Review of Decision

A review from a planning perspective of the decisions made in the Variation 3 (South Canterbury Coastal Streams). 

ECan Variation 3 Review of Decision - Submission Review

A review from a planning perspective of the decisions on the submission points made by HortNZ to Variation 3 (South Canterbury Coastal Streams).

Next Steps for Freshwater Consultation Submission

A submission made by Horticulture New Zealand to the Ministry for the Environment on the Next Steps for Freshwater.

Memorandum regarding the Court Decision to Plan Change 15 FNDC

Memorandum regarding Plan Change 15 to Far North District Plan - Court Decision.

The Court has issued its decision on the Plan Change 15 appeals and has declined both appeals (from Horticulture NZ and Turners & Growers).


Canterbury LWRP - Review of Variation 2 Decisions

A review of decisions on Proposed Plan Change 2 to the Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan.

This review of the decision on PC2 includes the following:
- An overview of the key legal issues relevant to Horticulture New Zealand’s submissions
- A general comment on what Horticulture New Zealand achieved in the process
- Crop survival Water
- Capped Flexibility in the Lower Plains.

Ngaruroro River Water Conservation Order - Memo to Chris Keenan & Letter to Growers

Memo to growers regarding a Water Conservation Order application to the Ngaruroro River February 2016 and a Letter to Chris Keenan, HortNZ.

Selwyn Waihora Variation 1 - Analysis of Decision of Commissioners

Memorandum from Helen Atkins analysing the decision of the commissioners in Selwyn Waihora Variation 1 and the impact of it on the horticulture sector.