HortNZ Leadership Programme 2018

26 Mar 2018

Leadership Programme18

In these rapidly changing times horticulture needs leaders that have the confidence and skills to take the industry into the future. Horticulture is in significant growth with ambitious goals and more than ever needs a strong pool of high-performing leaders, leaders that have the confidence and skills to take the industry into the future.

Horticulture New Zealand and Lincoln University run a highly respected programme, that will help prepare you or your employee to be a leader who can successfully capture the opportunities and address the challenges that are out there. 


The HortNZ Leadership Programme will

  • Increase your confidence to take the lead and influence into the future
  • Help you understand better what leadership is all about.
  • Develop 'ready to use' skills, such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving
  • Offer  an awareness of strategy, & how to use it
  • Provide a wider perspective, understanding & how to address industry issues-now & into the future
  • Improve self-knowledge and personal planning
  • Create opportunities to network and develop relationships with other like-minded emerging  & influential current leaders 


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Who is eligible to apply? 

The programme is designed for potential or current leaders in the fruit and vegetable industry. Participants will primarily, but not exclusively, be growers or their employees, or those from organisations closely associated with growing.

The course is open to NZ citizens or permanent residents who have demonstrated a willingness to assume responsibility in grower or industry affairs, and who have shown definite leadership potential.

The course is limited to a maximum of 18 participants, chosen by a selection committee. The decisions of the committee are final, but unsuccessful applicants are free to re-apply for entry to subsequent courses. Applicants will be advised of the results of the selection by the beginning of June 2018.

Programme structure

The Programme is divided into three stages.


Phase 1 - Residential          Lincoln University – Thurs 6 Sept - Sun 9 Sept 2018

An intensive three day programme, focusing on the important skills, knowledge and leadership that make a leader.


Phase 2 - Non Residential    Self-directed learning - Sept to Oct 2018

Each participant works on implementing their 2018 personal leadership development plan which they decided in Phase 1.  Their progress to date is the subject of a presentation in Phase 3.


Phase 3 - Residential          Wellington – Tues 30 Oct to Thurs 1 Nov 2018

Each participant presents progress to date on their personal development plan to their fellow participants. The programme includes the opportunity to hear from leaders in the horticulture industry, and to learn about Wellington and government processes. 


Application process and closing date

All paperwork (application form, photo and both references) must be submitted to leadership@hortnz.co.nz no later than 31 May 2018. 

If an organisation or employer is endorsing an application, this should be indicated on the reference form.  Applicants should be aware that in submitting an application they authorise the selection committee to obtain information about them from their nominated referees. 


Programme fees

HortNZ is offering 12 scholarships that will meet all course fees and accommodation costs. These are open to growers and their employees, or those from organisations closely associated with growing.  In addition, there will be up to six positions available for a fee of $3,900 + GST.

Once the selection has been made, applicants will be notified of the results and whether or not they have been awarded a scholarship. Those who have been accepted on the provision of payment will have the opportunity to decide if they accept their place. The places will only be filled if the applications meet the standards the selection committee have set.


Travel costs

In addition, successful applicants will be called on to meet the travel costs:

Phase 1: one trip to and from Lincoln University, Canterbury

Phase 2: travel not required

Phase 3: one trip to and from Wellington