HortNZ's Boardroom Table

18 May 2015

The board table was milled from a King Kauri in the Waiharara Swamp north of Kaitaia by Warwick Davies and John Gardner in April 1981. Excavation and continual pumping was done to keep the water below milling level.

It is most likely that the tree was felled from a natural disaster 800-1000 years ago, as all the trees in the forest were uprooted in a common direction. 

It was 26 feet in diameter and on its lower circumference the bark was still evident with a smattering of native pinhole borer in the cambium layer.

Warwick Davies built commercial premises for Fruitfed, then the NZ Fruitgrowers Federation (NZFF), in the early 1980s in Kerikeri and Katikati. He donated the two kauri tables he milled, which were used in the meeting rooms by the district advisory committees in both locations.

When the DAC structure was discontinued the Kerikeri table came down to the NZFF at the Huddart Parker Building, Wellington. The Katikati table went to Hugh Moore's pack house, then to Zespri and then to what was – and still is according to Bill Patterson - Huka Pack. Where it is still in 2012.

When HortNZ had to move premises from the Huddart Parker Building to the Co-operative Bank Building in 2012 the table was carried down the streets of Wellington by building cranes at 7 o'clock in the morning.